“We are building on the excellent foundations of the past and continuing to evolve our communications to better support a safe, sustainable and successful chlor-alkali industry for Europe.”

Catherine Birkner, Communications Manager

17 successes campaign complete! 

Take a look at to see all 17 of the ‘17 Successes’ which have now been published! Taking ‘17’ as our inspiration (from chlorine’s position on the chemical Periodic Table of elements), this programme presents real Europeans, whose success at work is partially thanks to chlor-alkali chemistry. Rollups and postcards are available for download from each individual success on the website. To mark the completion of the programme, an innovative compilation video and infographic is also available there for onward dissemination.

New Euro Chlor website online  

This year we unveiled our new website at The new online portal has been designed to promote the benefits of chlor-alkali and its products and the many jobs which rely on them. It also spreads information on best practices in safety, health and environmental protection.

Two new videos released over past year on YouTube  

The first is a message from our chairman, Jürgen Baune, that details his opinion on where our industry is headed in the coming years. Jürgen also talks about how one possible co-product, hydrogen, may play a role in a sustainable future for our industry.

The other video is part of the ‘chlorine things’ family. This latest video shows the role of chlor-alkali chemistry in keeping us safe in our communities. From the role of advanced polymers in protecting our police and fire services to fire-retardants and advanced materials that keep us safe on our bikes, safety is a chlorine thing! See the videos and much more on our YouTube channel.

-New videos are planned with our little chlorine character so watch this space!

Social Media Update

Euro Chlor social media activities continue to encourage people to visit our new website. In addition, a private group has been set up on LinkedIn to support Euro Chlor Partners and provide them with the most up-to-date news and content.

With Twitter providing news content and commentary, LinkedIn being more business oriented and Facebook being a platform for highlighting the benefits of chlor-alkali, our three social media platforms continue to grow and we urge people to follow them to ensure they are also kept informed.

Over the past year we have seen that:


Euro Chlor Twitter grew by 29% with 562 followers


Euro Chlor Facebook grew by 39% with 94 followers


Euro Chlor Linked In grew by 202% with 272 followers


198,236 views of site over past year

Partners and members together form communications network

During 2018, Euro Chlor clarified its status within the new Cefic organisation and updated its Operating Rules accordingly, which included a move from three to two membership categories, namely ‘members’ and ‘partners’.

As of 2019, Associate Members and Technical Correspondents both became ‘partners’. Such companies can attend the General Assembly, enjoy a reduced fee to the Euro Chlor Technical Conference held every three years and benefit from:

  • Attendance at a new information session on the Working Group/Committees prior to the General Assembly
  • Participation in the Euro Chlor Communications Network (and receiving chlor-alkali related information such as member news, Safety Newsletters and the Euro Chlor Management Brief)
  • Updates and information on European policies affecting our sector
  • Selected key working documentation on issues related to our sector

As a result, the Euro Chlor Communications Committee has been expanded to include partners and become the new Communications Network. This Network is in the process of defining its chair, terms of reference, frequency of meetings and remit.