“As part of our Mid-Century Strategy, we will focus on communicating how chlor-alkali can help Europe achieve its green ambitions, whilst showing how attractive our industry is to potential new colleagues”

Catherine Birkner

Communications Manager

Euro Chlor launches a strategy for 2050

In September 2020, Euro Chlor launches its Mid-Century Strategy (MCS). This new initiative will plot a course for European chlor-alkali in 2050. Based on the Cefic Mid-Century Vision (MCV) and prepared by Roland Berger, this development was formally initiated as part of the speech by Chairman Jürgen Baune in 2018. Building on consultation from members and industry experts, four priority areas were identified for future work: Euro Chlor as a Safety Leader, a Competitive Supplier, a Circularity Champion and a Climate Neutral Player.

These will be expanded on via the various Euro Chlor Working Groups and it is hoped that all members will support and build on this exciting new strategy.

For the launch of our MCS, a communications plan and many materials (brochure, presentations and video) are available.

New MCS webpage now live


A new webpage has also been released to accompany the Euro Chlor MCS. Available at, this new page serves as an information hub and update channel for the new initiative. Via this digital portal, people can also download the above-mentioned communications materials.

Additional information will appear on Euro Chlor Social Media channels and these can be followed using #eurochlorMCS. Updates will also appear annually in this Industry Review to chart progress.

Follow us on social media

Euro Chlor social media activities continue to encourage people to visit our new website. In addition, a private group has been set up on LinkedIn to support Euro Chlor Partners and provide them with the most up-to-date news and content.

With Twitter providing news content and commentary, LinkedIn being more business oriented and Facebook being a platform for highlighting the benefits of chlor-alkali, our three social media platforms continue to grow and we urge people to follow them to ensure they are also kept informed.

Over the past year we have seen that:


Euro Chlor Twitter grew by 14% 


Euro Chlor Facebook grew by 39% 


Euro Chlor Linked In grew by 103% 


176,610 views of site over past year

Euro Chlor website updates

The Euro Chlor website has been updated over the past year with Euro Chlor and member news and a new section on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as new chlorine, caustic soda and caustic potash application ‘trees’.

Donations from Euro Chlor members help in the fight against COVID-19

During the recent COVID-19 outbreak, supplies of medical equipment and crucial disinfectants began to drop across Europe. In order to meet this challenge, chemical industry, including Euro Chlor members brought new production streams online and donated disinfectants, protective equipment and money to their local communities world-wide. We proudly refer to a Cefic interactive map outlining the important contributions our industry made in the fight against COVID-19.

Members were also involved in Cefic work to update the European Commission (EC) on the availability of sodium hypochlorite (bleach). This work informed the EC when logistical and regulatory issues were slowing the supply of this essential disinfectant. In addition, Cefic launched  a COVID-19 helpdesk to give key support to members.

Over the past months, the following news articles about our Euro Chlor members fighting COVID-19 have been published:

Euro Chlor Members and Partners

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