Chlor-Alkali Industry Review 2019-2020 - Digital Version - Gearing up to launch


Managing Director

The past year has been all about new beginnings and adapting to significant change. We have European institutions whose priorities are shaped by citizens’ desire for a ‘greener’ Europe…



Over the past two years as Euro Chlor Chairman, I have worked with our members to ensure that the Euro Chlor ethos of a safe, sustainable and successful industry for Europe is maintained…

Wouter Bleukx

Vice-Chairman of the Management Committee

Thanks to Jürgen for his efforts in initiating the Euro Chlor MCS. Marleen is right, we are in challenging times. However, I am eager to start…


Ton Manders

Technical and Safety Director

“Safety stays at the top of our agenda as reflected in our new Mid-Century Strategy. It is our goal to become a Safety Leader in the chemical industries”


Jürgen Baune

Chairman of the Management Committee

“Euro Chlor members have adapted to the COVID-19 crisis over the past year whilst simultaneously adopting new sustainability measures, showing our commitment to remaining a vital part of Europe in 2050”

 Climate & the Environment

Kristof May

Regulatory Affairs Manager

“With new EU regulatory priorities, our sector faces challenges. We monitor these via Euro Chlor’s climate change and energy-related groups, which will help us contribute to Europe’s climate neutrality goals”

Product News

Angelica Candido

ECSA Manager

“Euro Chlor’s Product Groups add value by optimally engaging with key stakeholders on behalf of their membership”

 Collaboration & Outreach

Marleen Pauwels

Managing Director

“I am proud of Euro Chlor’s proactivity, transparency and collaborative spirit. Even under difficult circumstances, we continue expanding our outreach to members, sister organisations and key stakeholders”


Catherine Birkner

Communications Manager

“As part of our Mid-Century Strategy, we will focus on communicating how chlor-alkali can help Europe achieve its green ambitions, whilst showing how attractive our industry is to potential new colleagues”

We have revamped this year’s Industry Review to reflect our evolving priorities.

This includes marking the seven key parameters reported in our Sustainability Programme since 2001 with an icon so they can be compared with previous editions. Under the EU’s new Green Deal, our commitment to sustainability remains as important as ever.

However, this year’s contribution from the members (to the 2019 Euro Chlor Sustainability Questionnaire for these seven key parameters) was lower than previous years. This may be due to the COVID-19 crisis. The Euro Chlor secretariat will continue its efforts to improve the participation rate and any extra data received will be updated dynamically on these pages as they are received. In the print version, the figures are given up to the end of July and cover 88% of Euro Chlor member capacity from 27 companies at 47 sites.

Below you can see how our members have contributed to the Sustainability Programme over the last nine years: