Circularity Champion

Euro Chlor has started to measure the waste from our production processes and investigate PFAS in our value chain

Richard Malchow

GTC Chair

Euro Chlor members approaching end of mercury conversion 

Following the phase-out of mercury technology by the end of 2017, any remaining liquid mercury must be converted to mercury sulfide and stored in a salt mine by the end of 2022. As we approach this regulatory deadline, we note that in the last year, 251 tonnes of mercury were converted. Approximately 237* tonnes of mercury are still present at those sites which formerly operated chlor-alkali mercury technology.

*Note: Mercury for alcoholate production is not included in these figures.

Waste from the production process

In our third Sustainability Programme, we also report on the amount of waste generated by members. The amount of hazardous waste reduced in 2021 from 4.3 kg per tonne chlorine to 1.5 and the non-hazardous waste reduced from 3.8 tonnes per tonne of chlorine to 2.4.

Reduction in hazardous waste

Read more in our paper report here.