Communication & Collaboration

We continued to collaborate with, and communicate to, members, partners and key downstream user associations.

Catherine Potter


Over the past year, Euro Chlor’s Working Groups and Committees have welcomed new members to help develop the key activities described throughout this Industry Review. Additionally, the Management Committee has welcomed James Allman from INEOS Inovyn and Dirk Röttger from Lülsdorf Functional Solutions (former Evonik) to its ranks.

The Euro Chlor team itself also underwent some changes with Maud Bertolino joining the team in September 2022 after eight years in the Cefic Innovation team and valuable experience in event management. She already organised the Euro Chlor Hydrogen Day, as well as the 2023 Annual General Assembly. In April 2023, Richy Mariner was promoted to Science & Regulatory Affairs Director and Ton Manders, Technical & Safety Director, decided to reduce his workload from November 2023 until he stops his active career at the end of May 2024. In the meantime, he will bring his successor up to speed.

Connecting with our downstream stakeholders

This past year, we also kept developing our connections with our downstream stakeholders, most notably in meetings with the European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers (ECVM) and the European Diisocyanate & Polyol Producers Association (ISOPA).

A joint strategic meeting was held late-2022 between ECVM and Euro Chlor to discuss cooperation and potential synergies in communication and collaboration on items such as ECHA’s ongoing investigation into PVC. Members of the team also helped ECVM with their survey of equipment in VCM/PVC plants made of fluorinated materials and supported their VinylPlus Communications Committee, Environmental Footprint Committee (EFC) Meeting and Sustainability Forum.

Meanwhile, collaboration increased with ISOPA with members of the Euro Chlor team discussing with ISOPA team members on topics such as PFAS and how to communicate the benefits of our chemistry to society.

New project to show the benefits of chlor-alkali products along our value chain

Following a request from the Management Committee to display the benefits of all products in our value chain, the Communications Committee have now kicked off a new online campaign. Due to start in autumn 2023, it is aimed at EU decision makers and young people. This activity will reinforce the work of communications consultant DoubleDouble, who has been retained to build on some ’Chlorine Things’ videos they made several years ago.

Workshops were held in June 2023 to outline the strategy of the campaign, tools to boost the overall awareness of Euro Chlor via online Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and how to use existing content and tools and integrate this project in our over-arching communications. The result will be 12 new animations that can be seen in the upcoming months on our social media channels and website.

First Mr C video launched

To complement this renewed benefits project, Euro Chlor has developed the first in a series of animated ‘Mr C’ videos that show how modern life has evolved due to chlor-alkali products. This has premiered at the Annual General Assembly in early September 2023 and is are aimed at engaging young people on the benefits of chlor-alkali chemistry.

New video shows how safe and healthy water is a chlorine thing

In the latest of the Chlorine Things series, Euro Chlor released a new video that details how chlor-alkali chemistry is important in making water safe to drink, bathe and play in.

Two new 17 Chlor-Alkali Careers videos

Taking ’17’ as our inspiration (from chlorine’s position on the chemical Periodic Table of elements), Euro Chlor’s 17 Chlor-Alkali Careers programme presents 17 real Europeans, whose work contributes to producing chlor-alkali chemicals. Over the past year, Euro Chlor launched two new 17 Careers videos. These feature Emanuelle from Vynova and Alexander from CABB, bringing the total so far to seven, with more planned for the coming year.

New Hydrogen Tree and video of Hydrogen Day launched

At its Hydrogen Day event, Euro Chlor launched a new tree for hydrogen. This comprehensive resource, available in digital and print format, shows the rich diversity of hydrogen applications and end-products. A video of the Hydrogen Day can also be found on the Euro Chlor YouTube channel.

New Euro Chlor Instagram account

Over the past year, we launched a new Instagram account to reach out to wider audiences.

We also updated our website regularly, as well as our social media at: