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The Halogens Industry Sector Board nicely feeds into the synergy between our Sector Groups and the Cefic policy departments.

Marleen Pauwels

Executive Director

Jacques Sturm of Vynova hosts second Halogens Industry Sector Board

On 21 June 2022, the second Halogens Industry Sector Board took place for the 10 Halogens Sector Group (SG) Chairs and their respective SG Managers, the Halogens Coordination Group (HCG) members and the Board Secretariat (Marleen Pauwels and Catherine Potter). Jacques Sturm of Vynova chaired the meeting, which covered many topics of relevance to the members, including taxonomy and sustainable finance, CLP/ REACH revision, the PFAS restriction process, Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) revision and the BREF, energy-related topics and enforcement.

ECSA nominates new Management Committee Chair

The European Chlorinated Solvents Association (ECSA) nominated a new Chair at its Management Committee meeting in November 2021. Isabelle Gourdon of Kem One replaces Thorsten Schulz of Nobian, who had been the Chair for the past year. Meanwhile, at the productive General Technical Working Group (GTWG), members discussed ECSA communications, as well as the various ongoing regulatory activities. They also took a detailed look at the European Single Assessment Document (ESAD) 2022 questionnaire on Chlorinated Solvents, simplifying and shortening it thoroughly to mirror today’s regulatory landscape and quality certification schemes.

This work was followed up at the next meeting in May 2022, where the group made progress on several relevant files, including REACH, the Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) Regulation and the IED.

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